“Maze Runner” Book Review


Gabe Rentfrow, MVC Writer

          “The Maze Runner¨ book is one of the more popular books that James Dashner has produced in his career. I feel that “The Maze Runner” is a very interesting and great read for many readers, but complex if you do not read a lot. 

              In the book, a group of boys is trapped in a maze and need to find their way out. They go through the maze and exit, to find out that the world is no longer what it seems.

                Personally I feel that the book is very interesting, and, so if you stop reading the book and for some time then pick it up again, it will be hard for you to remember and understand it. I feel that if Dashner was to add a dictionary at the beginning or the end of the book to help readers understand some of the words, that would help very much. Other than vocab and a complex plot, it is a very great read.

I personally would rate it a 5 out of 5 because it is such a great book. I didn’t want it put it down. If you decide to read it please consider the other books in the series: “Scorch Trials,” “the Death Cure,” “the Kill Order,” “the Fever Code,” and “the Crank Palace.”