“The Suicide Squad” Review

Keith Ellington, MVC Writer

“The Suicide Squad” is undoubtedly one of the best action films of 2021. It was directed by James Gunn, who is also the Director of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which was a hit Marvel film that made over $772.8 billion in the box office. Despite 2021 being a hard year for the movie industry, Gunn still managed to release a decent movie.

 The movie is R-rated, unlike the last “Suicide Squad,” so it had more opportunities for intense scenes. This movie is very violent and very comedy-driven. There are also some adult subjects that the movie touches on, making it a  bit more exciting.

Of course, the action is a big part of the film as well. The action sequences are well-directed with amazing shots. The visual effects (VFX) gore is well made too. The comical blood splatters lead to limbs flying, and the filmmakers know how to blend this with the story. 

Critic Bob Bloom said, “Despite the blood and gore, ‘The Suicide Squad’ is comedic in tone, eschewing the oppressive seriousness of its DC cinematic colleagues.”

This movie feels more like a remake than a sequel to the original. The plot is all somewhat the same. The characters gather and team up, and then they travel and fight a final boss. For a movie with such a similar plot, that still leaves audiences wanting more added to the story, the movie is too long. 

The movie is not doing well at the box office either. Not because the movie was not enjoyable, but in part due to the recent uptick in covid cases.  Therefore, many people have not seen it in theaters. The movie was released on August 5th on HBO Max, a day before the theatrical release. Meaning people who have HBO Max would have no need to go out and see it. This is a shame considering that Warner Bros spent more than $185 million on production, and it has only made $35 million in America and internationally $72.2 million.

With all that being said, this movie was still a stunning movie. It is an emotional rollercoaster with funny characters and a ton of cool effects. Go see it. It’s really worth your time, and money.