Senior Spotlight: Daniel Woods


Senior Daniel Woods poses for his official marching band photo

Sophia Dewael, Editor

Senior Daniel Woods poses for marching band photo
Senior Daniel Woods poses for his official marching band photo

Daniel Woods is a senior who is part of the percussion drumline of the school band. This season he was the section leader which meant that he led the drumline through warmups, relayed information from the instructors, and created a positive environment. Daniel feels that because of the pandemic this season was harder than previous years, especially since there was less of a drive due to there being no competitions. As the season went on, though, he felt like it began to feel normal. 


The pandemic greatly affected the marching band season. Not only were many practices and the entire competitive season cancelled, but they had to change the performance piece to something less challenging due to the lessened hours. The band also had to constantly wear masks and put covers over wind instruments to stop moisture from traveling through them. Along with those precautions, they also followed all other safety procedures such as maintaining distance and sanitizing.


Senior Daniel Woods plays the drums during marching band season
Senior Daniel Woods practices during marching band season

Although Daniel felt discouraged going into the season, his peers showed him that they could still make it a fun season. With their help, he was able to find joy and have an overall great experience making music.


After this different season, he wants to let his section know that he is proud of how they made the most out of this season and that it was amazing to be able to do it with them. Even with all of the roadblocks they were able to make the season fun and exciting.