IOS14 Update

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer

On September 14, Apple released a new IOS update. The update added new home screen designs, a new translation app, and the new app library. 

The home screen redesign is one of the more popular reasons why people are updating their phones. With the new installment of widgets, it can make your homescreen more personalized. Widgets come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. In order to decorate the widgets you can download two apps. If you want to get more creative, you can also get the “Color Widget.” And you can also get the “Widget Smith” to help set up the widgets. 

The app “Widget Smith” allows you to add your desired size of widget, pick a color or image of your choice, and place it where you want. You can also add the date and time, what percent your phone is at, your calendar, reminders, the weather, the moon phases, or track your health with the health app. With all of these options, you can also choose what font and font color you want. 

The “Color Widget” app has a lot less features than the “Widget Smith” app, but it is still great to use. With “Color Widget” you can add the date and time, but also put an image behind the date and time, unlike “Widget Smith.” When you decide on what you want your widget to look like, you can click on the “+” button and place it where you like.

“The update is cool, but it looks more like a Samsung,” said Spencer King, 11.

The IOS 14 update also added a new translate app. It has many languages which people are able to learn and understand easily. When the phone is updated the app will automatically install. 

“I made my home screen Adventure Time themed. I changed my wallpaper so that it would fit the vibe more too,” said Brandon Maxwell, 12. 

IOS 14 also added the use of an app library. With the app library, it allows the user to move apps from the home screen and move it to the library. If the user swipe to the left then they will see the app library which is automatically organized into groups. An example would be moving the app “Notes” into the app library, it would be grouped with other work or writing apps. It is overall a way to keep easily organized and still have a clean looking home screen.