Pumpkinheads Review

Sophia Dewael, MvCurrent Writer

“Pumpkinheads” is a graphic novel that was written by Rainbow Rowell and illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks. Rowell is most known for her novels “Eleanor and Park” and “Carry On.” Hicks is most known for the “Nameless City” trilogy, but has illustrated several other works. 


The story follows two friends, Josiah, who goes by Josie, and Deja, on their last day of working at a pumpkin patch. As seniors, it is the last year they can work there before going off to college. For all four years that he has worked there, Josiah has never actually talked to Marcy, a girl he has a crush on who works at the shop across from him. Deja pushes him to talk to her since it is his last chance to do so, but they cannot find her and end up running all over the pumpkin patch. Along the way they realize that they have not tried a lot of the food and activities in the patch like the pies and caramel apples, and this may be their last chance.


The illustrations in the book are so beautiful. Since the story is set in fall, specifically Halloween night, the colors are warm reds, oranges, and other fall-themed hues. At the beginning of the book it is four o’clock, so as the book progresses and the sun sets, the lightness and color of the sky changes as well. This helps to show the passage of time, along with making the story more understandable since so many events happen in the span of the novel, which is roughly six hours.


Overall with the story and illustrations, the book becomes a beautiful cohesive piece. I enjoyed reading this book, and think that it is the perfect book to begin fall with. It shows the beautiful colors of fall, but also the many traditions and foods that come with it. But lastly, it gives the theme that time is running out so be sure to enjoy everything while it is there. Although it gave such a wise message, the book itself was very light-hearted and fun. 


“It was very coming-of-age and had last-summer vibes,” said Isabelle Hernandez, 10, who has a similar view.


The coming-of-age and last-summer feelings of the book go along with the theme that time is running out. The two friends make the most of the night and realize some things on the way. But like most friends, they have fun and joke with and tease each other throughout the book.


Hernandez also remarked that, “The dialogue was cute and funny, I loved how goofy the conversations were.”


If someone is looking for a fall-themed book to start the season out with, I thoroughly recommend this book. Its meaningful theme of running out of time is balanced by the character’s light-hearted attitudes makes it an interesting but optimistic book.