No Study Island


Blake Herbert

Study Island

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

Study Island is being used during SRT to help sophomores prepare for ISTEP. With the extra practice from Study Island the students are able to ask for help with something they do not understand. 

“Students are doing Study Island because we are trying to get them to do more math so that they are ready for ISTEP,” stated Mr. Noesges.

Sophomores have many concerns about school, and Study Island should not have to be one. Some even take additional classes in SRT. They should not have to work on Study Island because it is preventing them from doing the class work they are assigned. 

“Study Island is the biggest waste of time and energy,” said Katie Stewart, 10. “We have to do that as well as the work we already have.” 

Another problem students have to deal with is the detentions they will get if they do not finish their Study Island on time. Students have enough work and doing Study Island on top of that can add extra stress. When they are assigned detentions for that, they are discouraged.

“One time I actually cried while doing Study Island because I was so overwhelmed with work,” said Stewart.

When kids are emotionally drained from doing extra work, it is a sign that the school is doing something wrong. Hopefully next year Study Island will not be continued and students can focus on important, more relevant work they are assigned.