Athlete of the month

Piper Todd, MVC staff writer

As spring approaches, so does the start of many sports. It has sparked much excitement for many players, fans, and coaches. But with the start of the season comes hard work and dedication for many players. This applies to junior baseball player Jake Stadler.

Stadler began playing baseball when he was about four years old. He’s played for the school since 6th grade. He played junior varsity freshman year, and has been playing varsity ever since he was a sophomore year.

“Playing baseball has taught me to be mentally tough because it’s a game of failure. “You can fail 7/10 times and still be considered successful. It’s also taught me how to work well in teams and with other people.” said Stadler.

Throughout his years playing, Stadler had many achievements.

My biggest achievement is being selected to several all star teams and I’ve been scouted and recruited by many college scouts,” he said. “I believe I can play at the highest level of division of baseball after high school.”

While baseball is fun to watch and play, it also comes with many challenges and hardships. Even during the off-season, players continue to work extremely hard.

“My biggest struggle while playing baseball is the training aspect. You must train hard and put in the work during the offseason and then the games will be easy,” Stadler said.

During their practices and game days, there is a lot that happens. The players schedules are full of training.

“During practice, we will warm up, throw to get loose. Then we will take some batting practice and take ground balls. After that, we split into our respective positions and do some individual work. For a typical game day, I will wake up and get ready. Then I go to morning weights and begin my school day afterwards. After school we go to the locker room and hang out until it’s time to get ready for the game. We warm up and take some batting practice then it’s game time.”

Since Stadler started playing at a young age, he knows what it takes to be ready for varsity play. He has some advice for all the young players out there.

“To all the young kids out there that want to play baseball at a high level. You must be dedicated and willing to put in the work. If you don’t work at your sport you will get passed up by other people who are working harder. Baseball is a mentally tough sport and you must be able to face adversity and push through it.” he said.

Stadler plans to pursue baseball after high school and play in highest division. Right now, he is not interested in a specific college, but hopes that he can study broadcast journalism and play baseball when he decides where to attend.