The musical: “School of Rock”


Joan Lee

Intermission at "School of Rock"


I recently watched the musical “School of Rock” at Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University. I had previously watched Shen Yun at Clowes, and I was excited to see my first professional musical.

“School of Rock” is a rock musical based on the 2003 film of the same name, which starred Jack Black. The musical has music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Glenn Slater, and a book by Julian Fellowes.

The musical follows Dewey Finn, an unemployed rock singer and guitarist, who pretends to be a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. Dewey, played by Merritt David Janes, finds out that his students are musically talented and aims to make a band out of the fifth-grade class.

“I like that it is different from other musicals because it showcases a lot of kids,” said Lexi Price, 12. “I liked seeing their passion.”

I loved the musical. It has catchy music that people continued to hum or sing after the musical was over, like the aria “Queen of the Night” that Rosalie, the female lead, sings.

My favorite song from the musical has to be “Where Did the Rock Go?” It clearly displays the inner rock diva that Rosalie, played by Lexie Dorsett Sharp, is. The song gave me a deeper picture of who Rosalie is, and I just did not see Rosalie as the principal she is in title.

“School of Rock” really displayed the talents of the child performers, who appeared to be in elementary or middle school. Seeing those kids on the stage made me wonder about what I did in those years. I did not do much compared to these kids.

Although this production of “School of Rock” performed from Jan. 29 to Feb. 3, the musical is a must-see for audience members who appreciate children’s talents and catchy music.