Review on “Halloween”

The spooky season is upon us, which means that scary movies are coming out in theaters. I am a horror movie kind of person, so I love the Halloween season. When I saw that “Halloween” was coming to theaters this fall, I was ecstatic. All of the commercials seemed mysterious and exciting, so I was anxious to see it. I went and saw it with a few friends, and I was prepared to be scared and hold my friends’ hands.

At the very beginning of the movie, I found it interesting. It starts off with Michael Myers in a mental hospital. Many patients are shouting and there is creepy music playing in the background. This to me was very hair-raising and set the mood up for a spooky ride. However, as the movie went on, I got increasingly disappointed. There are a lot of jumpy scenes where he kills people, however, there is not a lot of blood and gore, which I’ve come to expect from the “Halloween” movies.

There is a lot of plot buildup, but the resolution is not as exciting as the beginning of the movie. It happens at the very end, so the whole movie is kind of slow and drags on.

Vivian Hoppener, 12, described the movie as “boring.”  She went on to say that, “ It was let down from the other movies. I wanted to be scared out of my mind.”

Overall, as exciting as the other horror movies in the series are, I thought it would be a new and improved movie. I was let down, but it was still interesting. For a sequel, this one could have been better.