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The Fruit Chronicles: pineapple

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March 4, 2019
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The Fruit Chronicles: pineapple



Ever truly enjoyed a fruit before? Well, you have not until you have tried a pineapple.  Whether from a can, bag, or right off of the pineapple vine, pineapples are zesty and tangy.

For those unfamiliar with how to consume a pineapple, you should take the skin off with a fruit peeler or peeling knife, and cut up the pineapple into smaller bits. Biting the outer shell can damage the interior of your mouth.

“Pineapples are a tasty treat for all people to enjoy,” said Cameron McGinnis, 12.

In my personal opinion, I agree with Cameron wholeheartedly. I love the taste of pineapples. They are definitely the best fruit, with the coolest shape. Besides, who says a teen cannot enjoy fruits instead of that wack junk food?

So, now that I have convinced you to love pineapple, you might be wondering which is the best to eat: fresh or canned?  Well, fresh is the way to go for pineapple, in my humble opinion. Canned pineapple tastes processed and soaked in sugar because it likely is.  On the other hand, fresh pineapple has an unbeatable taste, with the healthiness to back it up.

Overall, I would give the pineapple ten apples out of ten for flavor, texture, and shape.  Pineapple is family-friendly fruit for freedom-loving folks.

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Katelynn Hexamer, MVC Photographer

Katelynn is a sophomore, and her first year in newspaper. She participates in clubs and theatre at school. She loves to take pictures, do voice lessons,...

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One Response to “The Fruit Chronicles: pineapple”

  1. The Pineapple Lord on October 30th, 2018 11:18 AM

    I give it 10 apples out of 10. This is the best Pineapple research study I have ever had the grace to lay my pupils on.

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The Fruit Chronicles: pineapple